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The First of Many Things to Come

This will be my very first post on my very first blog. I really don’t know where this blog will take me or if it will go anywhere. I wonder if anyone will read it? I honestly don’t mind if people read it or not. It’s more for myself… self-discovery, maybe for my husband and 3 daughters to know me better. Who knows? We will soon find out!


I am married to the best man in the world. We have dated since 2005. He has been there for me since day one. We have had our ups and downs, just like every other couple but we are meant for each other.


I also have two beautiful daughters. They are all very different in their own unique ways. I’m sure that will unfold as this blog does! I will most likely refer to my girls as something other than their name… I will keep you updated on that.

With Love,

Alison Wagner

Thank you for reading! Please share and all that jazz!

P.S. Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes!



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