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2-Week O’Keeffe’s Challenge

I was asked by Smiley360; a test it then review it site, to be a part of the O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands® 2-Week Challenge. I had to take a survey in order to qualify. Honestly, as I’m writing this, I do not remember any of the questions they asked on that questionaire…. hmmm…. Anyhooo. I was approved and a little while later received a full size product of O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands®!


I was pretty excited. See lately my obession, well I’d rather call it… a HOBBIE! Is finding freebies and samples and writing a product review on them. So here is goes! image
My Husband had heard of this stuff as soon as I oped the box. His eyes lite up like a Christmas tree. He was like “WHO SENT THAT!”, “LET ME SEE.” I started rubbing it on my hands. You don’t need to much. I work in an office and my hands get so dried out with all the paper work I go through each day. I liked that it made my hands soft to the touch. There was also no bad or strong scent. I cannot stand a lotion with a strong scent, it gives me a small headache 😩. The only thing that was off about  O’Keeffe’s® was after rubbing this cream all over my hands it felt as if my hands where sticky.
The next day I again put more cream on in the morning, afternoon, and night… anytime I felt I needed a little moisture. By day 4 I could feel the difference. My hands where as soft as a babies bottom. So I guess the real question is… Would I go out and buy this? Absolutely! !! Even with the harsh winds from the cold weather usually my hands are very dry but not with this stuff. It kept my hands very moisturized. It is a must try. I did receive this product for free in exchange for my honest review! I PRIDE myself in give 100% honest reviews!

Check out O’Keeffe’s here!


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With Lots O’ Love,

Alison Wagner

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