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Alison- About me picHey! You’ve made it to my about page. Which means you’re interested in who I am! Well I am a Mom of 3 daughters, I am a Wife, and I always take on more than I can handle! Well that’s what others say… I just say I’m a dreamer. There is nothing wrong with having a little dream… even if it is a day-dream☺. I am just hopeful that I will be able to connect with others and maybe along the way I’ll be helpful to you! There really is no denying that when I get something in my head, whether it is shoes I like, or a as-seen-on TV product, I am very eager to have it. You can bet that As-Seen on TV product and shoes will be mine, and at a discount! Since getting clean five years ago (12/12/2010) I have become very ambitiousI want to do good things, I need to do good. Helping people helps MEIt helps me stay humblelevel-headed, and grateful. Don’t get me wrong I have been known I’m a ball of fireand sometimes bossy, but we all have our charter defects. I am working on mine still to this day. So come along with me on my courageous journey! Let’s get freebies/samples, do crafts together, and connect!

Lots of love,

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