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Getting Freebies and Samples & Where to Start

If anyone is friends with me, or even friends with me on any Social Media sites, you must know I looove me some FREEBIES! I have had many people ask: “Alison… girl! How are you getting these freebies? What sites are you using? Do you have no life?” Um first off, YES! I have a life, kinda… The freebies can sometimes take a little time, but the more you get into it, the more of a system you will have. Anyway I’ll let you in on my favorite sites, and give you all the details on how to start getting freebies and samples sent to your house. This is not to be confused with my product reviews. The product reviews do sometimes cost money, they are discounted, but yes, they cost $. Plus you have to give honest feedback, and of course reviews in return. The product reviews will have to be a whole other post. This post is specifically for freebies and samples.

lemon scrub freebie
Lemon Scrub Freebie (click it, to get it)

If you think your going to be requesting a lot of freebie/samples, then my first suggestion is to make a new email just for your samples to go to. I know that sounds weird, but about 90% of the time companies want you to add an email (along with your name, and shipping info of course) to “verify” that you’re requesting the samples. I used Gmail, because that’s who my other email is with, but there are plenty email services that are free. Also the forms you fill out will almost always want a phone number. If you’re not comfortable putting your real number on the forms then get a Google Voice Number.

Sign up with any of these free email services…

☆Tip: Connect your new email to your phone, tablet and computer, so you can stay up-to-date with all the new freebies/samples news!


Next, you will need some good resources for finding the actual freebies and samples. These are sites I look at almost everyday. Most of them post the same freebies, but every once in a while one of them has found a freebie that another website has not! Here is what I need you to know about these resources/freebie/sample websites… these sites are not the ones supplying or giving away the actual freebie/sample. These websites are simply just finding the freebie and posting it on their website for crazy-freebie-lovers like you and I, to find. So who is giving these samples and freebies, you ask? The “Companies”. For example I have gone to the website Free Stuff Finder♥ and saw a sample for Dove Shampoo and Conditioner. The woman from Free Stuff Finder♥ (Tina♥) searched the web and found that Dove was giving a freebie that day, and posted the link to her site, to share with all of us! So anyway!!! Click each one of these websites and check them out. Don’t forget to bookmark them!

Tip♥: I personally subscribe to some of these websites’ Newsletter, that way all the freebies they have found that day are compiled into an email, and sent to me daily. That way I dont have to search around their webpages each day. Easy peasy!  

FSF Website!

Here are some of my favorite sites to look for freebies and samples

Free Stuff Finder– This women, Tina, does it all! Not only does she give us the best freebiesonline dealsgiveaways, and coupons but she also breaks down how to use the coupons and get products for next to nothing. She’s my fav!

-Visit Free Stuff Finder on Facebook

Today’s Free Stuff– This is a group of mom’s taking the freebies by storm! This site is updated throughout the day and they always find something the others do not have. Today’s Free Stuff also has a coupon and sweepstakes section that’s worth looking at.

– Visit Today’s Free Stuff on Facebook!

Sample A Day– This one is ran by Nick and Scott. It is updated throughout the day and specializes in freebies and samples. Nice and simple website and the guys also have coupons ready to be cut! Check them out!

-Visit Sample A Day on Facebook

• Check out Freebie Shark– I just found this one and it is definitely a new fave ♥

I will add more sites as I find more! There are a lot out there, but these are the ones I use and browse daily.

Thing to remember:

  1. The wait hurts- Samples and freebies can take anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks to reach you. I know that sounds like a really long time to be waiting but just remember that it’s FREE and the companies want to save money by send it the cheapest way possible.

                 Free Truvia Sample (click it, to get it!)
  1. Request a LOT of samples- This way when they start rolling in, it will feel like Christmas! Your Mailman may not be to happy, but you’ll love it! Plus you never know when that lotion or shampoo will get you by to your next trip to the store!
  2. Don’t Expect it- Don’t expect that certain sample or freebie to come. Sometimes the companies are so overwhelmed by the response they get for samples, that they run out. Some time they will send an email informing you of this, but mostly they don’t. Just fill out the form, forget about it, then if it comes you will be so happy, you might pee yourself!
  3. Share the wealth- If you get something you don’t like, give it away. If you find a get deal, tell a friends, share it on social media. People love free stuff!
  4. The most important thing to remember is have fun! Be grateful for what you get and leave the rest.

I will be posting my freebies here on my blog, most likely on the front page. I will also be making a Facebook page so everyone can connect! Keep your eyes out for those updates! If anyone has any questions, tips, tricks, or comments, do not hesitate to comment below!

Lots of Love,

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