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How I got Free Samples from KONG Company!

We have 3 dogs that live here at the Wagner House. It is pretty crazy since our place isn’t all that big. We first rescued Zoey. She’s our loyal, yellow lab. Then we gained Lefty… The guard dog. She’ll guard us, even when we don’t want her to 😐 . Then Lefty had Elsa. 3 crazy, lazy, silly dogs. Anyhoo, while we’re away at work, the dogs go into their own cage. They have been cage-trained since they were all puppies. We would get them dog toys to play with while they were in their cages, and I’d come home to fluff and stuffing EVERYWHERE! No toys could outlast a lab and 2 Alapaha Blue-Blooded Bull Dogs. We needed something strong! A HERO! We did have one toy that none of the dogs were able to chew up. We’ve had it since the beginning (Zoey). I picked it up a couple of weeks ago to see the maker of it and read “Kong” on the big, red, weird shaped treat-holding ball.

I had forgotten about the Kong Company toys. We had recently got a Kong Cage for the dogs. Sooo decided to write them and tell them how surprised I was that the Kong Classic  had never been torn apart. I also included that I loved our new dog cage and that I was glad someone was making good, durable dog toys, and If they wanted to send any samples, that would be awesome.

Kong Classic- Kong's #1 selling Dog Toy!
Kong Classic- Kong’s #1 selling Dog Toy!

I got an email back from KONG, saying they are glad to hear of our good experience with the KONG Classic and that they would love to send some samples. I was in shock, honestly. I never thought I would hear from KONG again, but to my surprise, they were sending samples!

A couple weeks later we got a big box in the mail from KONG. I was so excited to open it! Again I was really surprised to see all the “samples” they had sent to us! Let me just mention, I did not pay one penny for these. KONG sent these free of charge! We have had time to test and try them out and here is what we think!

The Pups and Bean with all the free KONG Treats and Toys!
The Pups and Bean with all the free KONG Treats and Toys!

Kong sent us 2 more ‘Kong Classic‘ for the other 2 dogs that didn’t have one. I must say my pups LOVE these! We put these in the cage when we are gone… but before we throw them in there we stuff them full of peanut butter and treats! That way the dogs have something to focus on, besides barking, when we are at work, Bean (my older daughter) is at school, and Bookie (my youngest daughter) is at the sitters. The Kong classic toys have lasted FOREVER! Well since Zoey first come home. They are tough, durable and bouncy. You can do more than just put treats in these, you can throw them around for your pups to chase. It’s actually really entertaining to watch. The Kong Classic isn’t shaped like a normal ball, so when it is thrown, it goes a little wild, and so does the dog, trying to grab it!

Stuff n' Real Peanut Butter for Dogs
Stuff n’ Real Peanut Butter for Dogs

They sent us peanut butter for dogs, called Stuff’n… (Is it bad that I tried it mrgreen) The Dogs loved the peanut butter too. Mix in Kong treats, with Kong peanut butter, inside the Kong Classic and you know those dogs, were in heaven! Here are the ingredients and calories of the Kong stuff’n. This is now a must have here at the house. Along with the Stuff’n, we got some yummy KONG SNACKS.

Ingredients for Stuff’N- Real Peanut Butter for Dogs!
Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Soybean, Cottonseed, Rapeseed) to prevent separation, Salt

Caloric Content
Amount per Serving:
Kcal: 15
Calories from Fat: 20 (0% Trans Fat)
Serving Size: 0.5 tsp (2.5g)
Servings Per Container: about 56

KONG also hooked us up with some KONG Knots Dog Toys. One is the Wild Knots Bear. So cute that Bookie wanted to make it her little baby, but tough enough that all 3 dogs haven’t torn it to pieces yet. It has a rope on the inside, so even if they do tear it up, there will be a surprise inside that they can play with! 

Here is the 'Knots plush we got that I couldn't find on the website. I think it is the 'Tugger Knots'.
Here is the ‘Knots plush’ we got that I couldn’t find on the website. I think it is the ‘Tugger Knots’.

The last toy we got I haven’t seen on their website. I’m not sure if it’s something new that they haven’t put out yet… or possibly something that’s been discontinued, but it is definitely a dog favorite! It has ropes outlining the outside and plush on the inside. It is kinda like these Tugger Knots but the design is slightly different. You can see in my picture. ————————–>

All of these treats and toys have been great so far. None of them have been ripped apart or torn. The Kong Classic is really what the dogs love and have in their mouths all the time. They work so hard to get the treats and frozen peanut butter out. They may leave it alone for an hour or two, but they always end up going back for it. Anytime I pick up the Kong Classic they know it is about to go down… Well, treats are about to go in.. You know what I mean. That’s where I would start if your new to KONG

KONG Knots!
KONG Knots!

Just An FYI: I did receive these toys and snacks for free. No… Kong is not paying me to review or post any of their products, or to mention their name. I truly like the KONG brand and actually took the time out of the day to write this! Another thing I’d like to address is KONG toys are not 100% indestructible! They do not claim to be. If your Dog is a “Power Chewer” please see KONG’s User Guide to find a toy suitable for your pup. Also picking the right size toy will save you and your loving pet a trip to the vet! We must do more than throw toys at our dogs… They need exercise too! Take you pups and dogs for a walk before you put them into a cage with their KONG toy… They will probably be less likely to chew their toys to pieces. That goes for any dog toy, not just KONG. I have linked all the KONG products we received below, along with KONG’s Social Media Links. Check them out ya’ll!

We Rated this Product a:     Wagner Review Rater

All Of Our Kong Goodies! #GotItFree
All Of Our Kong Goodies!






Lots of Love,

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Products we received from KONG!

Kong Classic 

KONG Knots Dog Toy

Wild Knots Bear

Tugger Knots


KONG SNACKS– Easy Freeze 

Stuff’n– Peanut Butter

All KONG Snacks!

Useful links from KONG!

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KONG’s User Guide here


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