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BESTOPE® 32Pcs Professional Makeup Brushes Cosmetic Makeup Set with Pouch Bag Case


I am very pleased with the make-up brushes that I received. They came in a box and also wrapped in bubble wrap. When I opened it a big smiled came across my face because I was excited about 32 MAKEUP BRUSHES!!!!! Anyway, the top of the brushes were covered with a protective plastic that I think I will keep. The handle part is a regular size that professionals use. I have posted a picture showing the length.
The pouch also has a lip that comes down, to protect the brushes when they are not in use. Brushes are soft. They pick up makeup very well and apply it very well. I always heard synthetic makeup brushes do not hold powder makeup\up or eyeshadow well, so I was a little worried but these did just fine! I have 2 kids and I am trying to pay for my own wedding so I do not have money to waste… This was money well spent! By the way, my child is holding the brushes in the second picture… not an adult.

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