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Crazywan Kids Small Night Light with Sensor Plug-in- Review

More Than A Night Light?

This little night light is really cute. It about as big as my palm and it’s a little elephant. The night light is also not as bright as other night lights, which I love. We and a night light before that was a little too bright and kept waking my daughter up. The packaging was good and fine and nothing was damaged. I did have one issue, the directions/card was in Chinese, which made it pretty hard to read… not that I need direction on how to plug a night light in. But this night light does more than light up it also has A sound sensor (I guess that’s what you call it :)) so if it dims out and you walk by, it hears your footsteps and turns on. Also during the day, to save energy, it turns off, and at night, it turns on. Pretty convenient. I will post the translation of the directions below. I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for a 100% honest review. I pride myself in giving people honest reviews so the can decided if a product is right for them! If you have any questions, comment below!

Directions Translation:
Product Description This product uses LED as a light source with low power consumption, long life advantages when using the switch on the back of the product. Light control mode toggle “q’i)” light voice mode. Always light control mode at night, the lights automatically turn off during the day. Sound mode light daytime lights OFF state, the night Shengjiao) ring when lights (about 75 db sound can activate voice switches each lighting time of about 180 seconds (3 minutes). Use the back of the product described first switch to your desired mode For nighttime habits long bright can dial to “bad -” mode, and then the night is lit For sound you can switch to “q ‘)” mode. After selecting lighting mode, simply press the product inserted in 220V AC outlet. After again without plug Caution Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, or modify; do not attempt to disassemble, alter or directly solder the battery; commissioning this product, please ensure clean and dry hands. V1.1 CN DESIGNED BY MUID EN AMOY

I’ve Rated This Product a:     Review Rater-B


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