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Hitop Harajuku Floral BackPack- Review

Cute bag, bad smell 😦



This bag has a cute design. That’s mostly what caught my eye and made me want to buy this product. The material is a thick material so I feel like it would hold up pretty well. The strings of the bag are rope and not some cheap material that will break. But the rope is a little to thick. It’s hard to open and close the bag with ease. The biggest thing the threw me off with this bag is the size was a little smaller than I imagined and there was an awful smell to the bag when I opened it! I asked my Husband to smell it to see if it was maybe a factory type smell and he described the smell exactly as I did; MILDEW AND CHEMICALS. I washed it twice and I can still smell it a little. Just males me wonder where this was sitting and for how long. I wish the smell would come out.

Update: After 2nd wash I notice it is fading a bit and the colors aren’t as bright or vivid. The smell has gone away after about 4 washes and my daughter, Bean, has taken it and made it her bag!


I’ve Rated This Product a:     Review Rater-C


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