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Secret Outlast Review

Will Outlast That Busy Day!

I kinda sweat a lot, so I wasn’t sure the outlast was going to do the job like the clinical strength did. This stick of deodorant proved me wrong!
The smell is amazing, Not to sweet, but very fresh!
Last for about 36 hours.
Cost is low and coupons are available!
Comes in solid or gel (I Prefer Solid)
No wetness after I applied
I had no irritation (like I get with cheap brands)
Got it on my black shirt, I just rubbed it a little, and it went away. That really impressed me.

I did feel like I needed to re-apply after about 36 hours, which is awesome, but it clams it lasts for 48 hours.
Seeing as this is a new, top deodorant, I think they need a new design, to make it stand out from there regular deodorant (just my opinion).

All-in-all my Pros out-weigh my Cons. I will be making the switch as long as the price point says as is.
I did receive this product for free in exchange for my 100% honest review. I know your thinking, not one of these people, but I pride myself in giving honest reviews that will help people decide whether or not they should buy the product for themselves. if you have any question, please hit the comment button right below and I will get back to you asap. If you found this review helpful, press like! Share the love!


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