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ESSENTIAL SALES4YOU® 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens- Review

3 and 1 Clip-on Lens for your Phone!



I was skeptical about these but I really enjoy these lenses. They come with 3 in a pack. Fisheye, wide lens and macro lens. It has a clip and the lenses screw into the clip and you place the clip over your camera. Very easy. In my picture, you can see how wide the clip will open. The clip is universal. It would probably fit any phone. Fisheye lens looks like what you would see if you were staring through a fish bowl. It is a little weird to shoot with and I’m not so sure about it yet. The quality of this one was a little off to me. And I’m not sure what I would use this one for . The wide lens is just that, make the lens take a wider picture. I really like the wider lens. This was perfect when I took a family picture at Christmas. Everyone did not have to squeeze in. And the quality of its pretty good. the macro is for super close up. The quality of these are good. There not plastic, they ate straight metal! The lens are real glass. You can’t beat that. It also comes with a carrying case and lens protectors. All in all this is a high quality product that I would recommend and buy again. I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my 100% honest review. I pride myself in giving 100% honest reviews. If you have any questions please comment below

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