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Product Review Inquires & Rating System

Need a Good Honest Reviewer? I’m Your Woman!

I love to review Products. I review a variety of different products and try not to limit myself to just one product or “niche”. Any products that are reviewed are shared through my followers and subscribers. I also link and share my reviews to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr. My audience will then share, talk about, influence and buy products that have had a good review rating though the Alison Wagner Blog.

Each product that gets reviewed though Alison Wagner, gets rated. Our ratings are as follows: A, B, C, D, and F. See below for full Wagner Rater description!

Wagner Review Rater Excellent product or service. Something that I highly recommend and love! This product or service does exactly what it’s advertised to do! This would be something I would share with friends and family, as well as online!

Review Rater-B  A very good and above average product or service. Still very recommended and something I thoroughly enjoy. This product or service has one or two things that I would change or improve about it. Shared with family, friends and online!

Review Rater-C  Average product or service. Something is missing in the product or service that needs improvement. I could see myself liking this product or service if some issues were fixed! Product or service was once good, but over time became less than.

Review Rater-D.png Product or service was below average or just fair. Product or service only does one or two things it’s advertised as doing. Not something I’m willing to share with friends and family. Definitely needs improvement!

Review Rater-F  Product or Service is very poor. Would not recommend to anyone. Product or service has failed to do its intended purpose. Someone (most likely me), needs to write this company, seller, or store a letter and the product or service and ask for a refund.


Please check out some of my recent reviews HERE!

If you’d like me to review your product, Please email me @ WagneReviews@gmail.com

*The Wagner Review Rater does not have to be used for all product reviews if you feel it’s not needed.


I love hearing from you! Comment below♥

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