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Love Is Bold Comfort Fit Silicone Wedding Band- Review

Different than other Silicone Rings

There are sooo many silicone rings now. The reason I choose this one and gave it 5 stars is this:
Many other silicone rings we bought had an awkward thickness to it. I’ll show an example in a picture below. My husband says the thicker silicone ring is annoying and “bulky” while he is working. Also, I bought both rings in the same size, but a different company. The love is bold ring match his true ring size and the other one was way to small. The last thing I love is that the ring lays flat. It doesn’t have that weird bubbled curve like the others. This silicone ring is perfect for construction workers and is also sleek, and sexy.

Little UPDATE: My husband does roofing and this silicone has not ripped, frayed or even scratched. I’m pretty surprised! We still love it!

I’ve Rated This Product a:     Wagner Review Rater


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