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Day 4- On the Medicine Chantix- The Story Behind The Story!

Hello Lovlys!

So it is day four on Chantix. I never really explained what I was doing with this or that I was ever putting it on my blog. I think It will just be a good way for me to say everything to I’m holding on to within. Which is why a day 4lot of us even write in the first place! So heres the ‘Chantix Story, Behind the Story’… Kinda.

So firstly, I got a question on my Facebook yesterday asking if I was being paid by Chantix to talk about Chantix… Girl BYE! No, I’m not getting paid to promote or talk about this medication or Chantix in any way. In fact, I actually do not get paid at all for blogging, I am a beginner, and just getting my feet wet! There we got that out of the way.

So it is day 4 and I am still smoking. I am not sure if I will wake up one day and just say “nope, I don’t want those cigarettes anymore”, but I doubt it. To me, it seems like I am smoking just as many as I was yesterday. To be honest, I still like the taste and feeling when I take that first swig of a cigarette. When I tried Chantix last time, that feeling of liking the hit of the cigarette went away and I did successfully quit for a short while. Man, that was the day ☺. I’m sure I could give you every excuse in the book as to why I didn’t stick with it, but I’ll save us both the misarry. My Husband told me I haven’t been smoking as much. If he noticed than it must be true! Hopefully the amount of cigarettes I smoke keeps going down, and then I’m smoking nothing! That’s the goal!

Lots of Love,


Visit Chantix!

Check out Get-Quit– a website to help people who are on Chantix. It reminds you to take your medicine and asks you how you felt that day.


2 thoughts on “Day 4- On the Medicine Chantix- The Story Behind The Story!

  1. You should be continuing to smoke while you take chantix for one to two weeks. Then just stop smoking. It won’t be easy but it won’t be as hard as cold turkey. In Canada we call it champix and I used it to quit smoking for a year. I ended up starting to smoke again and I then tried again and failed. It does work if you want it to. The first time I wanted to quit the second time I wanted my wife to stop nagging me to quit lol


    1. Hey Nate! Thanks for stopping by my site and commenting. Good morning to know that it’s OK to continue to smoke the first week or two, while in Chantix. My doctor just kinda threw it at me with no instructions. And your Wife sounds like a smart lady who loves ya! You should probably give it another go??


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