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Produtrend Kitchen Scale


hello lovelys and gents

I have been sick for the last 3 weeks! I was trying to Blog through it all, but my body finally just told me no! You NEED rest! So that is what I did. I took a couple of days and rested. I still do not feel 100%, but my followers cannot wait! SOOOO… I’m coming to you with another review! YAAAY! As you know, these opinions are all my own and how I REALLY feel about the product. If I do not like something, I will tell everyone and their Mama! Just like I did on my Qi Receiver Review. Some of these products were bought at a discount or free in exchange for my honest review. Ok, I am rambling! On with the show!

The Produtrend Scale has been a great addition to my kitchen. This scale is pretty accurate when weighing (just a little off on nickel weight!) and has a truly modern, sleek look. It matches great with my kitchen appliances which is a plus. The family and myself are trying to eat better, and along with that comes weighing some of my food portions. This scale has definitely taken the guess work out of how much each item weighs. The top of the scale is a sleek glass and is very easy to wipe down and clean off when I am done using it. Plus, I love that it’s a “touch-screen”. Before weighing food, I decide to test the scale, I did so with coins. One penny weighs 2.5 grams, a nickel weighs 5 grams and, a quarter weighs 5.67 grams. The nickel was off by one gram and would jump back and forth between a weight. For example, the nickel showed weighing 5g, then jumped to 6g, and continued to jump back and forth. Accuracy is the most important to me. Other Pros and Cons of the scale that are important to me:


• Sleek, modern design which includes a light-up LCD screen (very easy to see and read)

• Easy clean-up.

• Rubber “stoppers” on the bottom so it’s not sliding all over the place.

• Light-Weight – Only weighs 1.4 lbs itself.

• Light-up LCD Screen.

• TARE button and measures in milliliters, grams, fluid ounces, and pounds and ounces.

• Great for weighing Food and Plants, Spices or Herbs.

• One Year Limited Warranty- I emailed the seller and asked if there was a warranty, and, in fact, there’s… Of course it’s limited so I’m not sure of the details. Once they email me back I will update my review.


• Needs some a top, or cover so it’s not so easily scratched.

• No ‘Stable Indicator’. When weighing a couple of things, the scale wouldn’t pinpoint to one weight. Example: I weighted a nickel (which should weigh 5g) and it jumped from 5g to 6g and never stabilized.

Just an FYI you can hold down the power button to turn off the scale or leave it be for 60 seconds and it will turn off itself. The scale takes 2 batteries- CR2032 Lithium Batteries. My pros defiantly out weight my cons and it’s something I’ve used every day since getting it.

Yes, I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review. I pride myself in giving 100% honest reviews. I hope this review has been helpful, so you can decide for yourself if this product is right for you!

I’ve Rated This Product a:     Review Rater-B

HEY, guess what? Your Awesome-sauce-um so go…

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