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Jumbo Dry Erase Wall Calendar Review!

hello lovelys and gents

Who’s a busy Mom, Student, Blogger, Professional, or Worker? We ALLL are! I was given the opportunity from my friend Chris Embry at Reviews for Free (<check them out). This is a site where you sign-up or subscribe to their email list, and they will email you about sellers on Amazon who need HONEST reviews for their products. You, in return, get this product for a discount or even free… and leave an honest review. If you don’t? They’ll “blacklist” you! Yep, that means no more products for you to review. By the way, I have never been “blacklisted”. I really want to thank Chris for giving me that opportunity, because it opened the door for me to write more reviews, and it even got sellers to trust that my reviews would be honest. Everything happens for a reason, and Mr. Embry was put in my path to open other doors, so I thank him for that!

Check out Reviews for Free! They gave me one of my first review oppurtunities!

Anyhoo, I did this review a little while ago and got the attention of the actual Seller. Who then contacted me directly, telling me he liked my review of the calendar and asked if I was interested in another product to review. So you see, If you write good, educated reviews, and they are honest, people will notice. I have that Calendar Review Below!!! And be on the lookout for the Blank Dry Erase Review, coming soon!  

Disclamer: As you know, these opinions are all my own and how I REALLY feel about the product. If I do not like something, I will tell everyone and their Mama! Just like I did on my Qi Receiver Review. Some of these products were bought, some are at a discount and some are free, but all are in exchange for my honest review. Ok, I am rambling! On with the show!

I bought this calendar for use at my office. I run a construction company. We always have issues finding affordable calendars that are large enough to write more than one thing, but this calendar can hold it all! I am able to write many events on each day of the month and I don’t have to cram it all in. I have more than enough room to write normally. Here are some pros and cons.


• It is laminated which I was worried about, but it seems better than some dry erase boards I’ve used. When I was time to erase, it was nice and easy. I didn’t have to force the marker to come off the calendar.

• 36 x 48 inch- this calendar is huge! I am able to write everything, plus more for each day. I don’t have to write small like the calendar that was special made for us. (Which cost a fortune)

• Easy to hang- The calendar was very easy to hang. It has metal “eyelet” on all four corner so you are able to put some nails in them and not ruin the laminate of the calendar.

• Small lines so everything stays nice and neat.
• Small desk Calender included!

• Black marker included!
• Great packaging-Came rolled up and in a hard circular cover come to protect it.


• It says mounting tape included but mine did not have any 😕. We nailed ours up anyway so it wouldn’t budge, but for the people who don’t want to use nails, I’d want the mounting tape. I’m sure if I contact the seller, they would send the mounting tape.

• Wish it came with a small eraser. For an outstanding calendar, I wish it came with an eraser. Maybe just a microfiber cloth. Nothing fancy.

Other than that I would say this was a great buy. We have a calendar special made for us, and since getting this, we have removed the special made one. This one is much more practical and easy to use. Perfect for the office, or people who have busy life’s and need that extra organization. Yes, I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review. I pride myself in giving 100% honest reviews. I hope this review has been helpful, so you can decide for yourself if this product is right for you!

Update: Since writing this review, I have actually bought one of these Calendars for my home. I obviosly forgot how large this calendar really was! I would love to utilize this calendar in my everyday life at home, but it is just a little to big, and I have no where to place it quite yet! 🙂
•You can view my original Amazon Reivew HERE. The blog review is the more in-depth review!

I’ve Rated This Product a:     

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