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Beauty/Selfie Ring Fill Light Review!

hello lovelys and gents

 I thought selfies would die out one day, but nope! Today selfies are bigger than ever, whether we’d like to admit it or not. I find myself taking them more than I’d like to admit. Who care. Life is short. Grab your friend and take them selfies Uses (a selfie with a friend). So usually, you’re taking a selfie with the forward facing camera. Well, the issue I was having is my forward facing camera had horrible lighting. If my lighting was good or even okay, then my picture would be good. I started hunting for a solution… the  Beauty/Selfie Ring Fill Light. See my review of the Beauty Fill Light below!

Disclaimer: As you know, these opinions are all my own and how I REALLY feel about the product. If I do not like something, I will tell everyone and their Mama! Some of these products were bought, some are at a discount and some are free, but all are in exchange for my honest review. 

This beauty fill light is unlike anything I’ve seen here. It is especially good for taking pictures in the dark or taking selfies. The light is a full circle with LEDs Inside of it. Although it has LEDs in it, it won’t hurt your eyes. The lights are covered by a frosted plastic piece (see my picture below, yo!).

The packaging was good. When I took the Beauty Fill/Clip Light out of the box, out came a very small USB cord along with it. I assumed this was for charging. I was kinda bummed to not see any instructions even though the product is pretty self-explanatory. I know that sounds pretty odd, but ever since I was a little kid, I just enjoyed reading Instructions, manuals and directions 😆 . I honestly do not know why. I use this light mostly to make forward facing pictures look better. Lighting is everything and when your lighting is bad, so is your picture. You do have to charge the light to use it. No need for batteries, which I thought was a plus.  You turn the small dial from low to high depending on how much light you want for your photo. The beauty light is kinda big, but I still love it. There isn’t much weight to the light so it won’t add more to your phone. To put it on, just pinch the ends, like you would pinch a chip clip. Attach it, turn it on and it’s ready. It dramatically improves the quality of the picture for me. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. When I tried turning the light the other way, to take a picture with the back camera, I could see some of the light, or a glow, in my picture. It may be different with different phones, because of how far down the back camera goes.

Update: Honestly, I wish I used this light more. Sometimes It is a pain to carry it around with me everywhere. It does hold a charge for awhile and I have gone a couple weeks without having to recharge. I know recharging will depend upon use. The beauty light has been not only handy for selfies, but for taking pictures of products for the blog. I mostly work at night on the blog, so the light comes in handy when I need that extra light.

Again… Yes, I did receive this product for a discount in exchange for my honest review. I pride myself in giving 100% honest reviews. I hope this review has been helpful, so you can decide for yourself if this product is right for you!

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