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Thinking of a New Theme


hello lovelys and gents

So lately, I have been thinking a lot about my blog. Mostly about how it looks and the functionality of it. Does it function well? Do followers or unique visitors know where and what to click once they come to my blog? Is the ‘Home Page’ I put up yesterday just dumb. UGH!

I really love the ‘Button’ Theme and it had been the first theme that kick-started my blog. It was the look of my blogging future. Now? I’m not so sure. I know I am limited on what I can do because I don’t


have a full website. As you can tell from my URL, I just have the free version of WordPress ( I am scared to spend the big money to get and my own unique domain, but I feel I am being held back by the free version.

It really is not even the theme’s fault. This is definitely my issue within myself. Do I take that leap of faith? I don’t have many followers. Some days I will get a rush and sometimes no one will visit the site.

I made this site to do what I love, and that is to help people. Help them find a freebie or sample or a really great deal… Or even tell them about products I have tried out and love, or even products I can’t stand. I want to be here for people who just want to talk. Or may not have anywhere else to go or anyone else to talk to. I want to be here for people like me, who have suffered an addiction- Wheather it is  food, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling or any other addiction. I am just here. Ever since I started this Blog in December (I think 😆 ) I have felt empowered and confident and even sexy…..


Hm… an “Ahhh haa moment”… Maybe I need the Blog more than it needs me. It’s more than a “theme” or how the blog looks or what color it is… It’s about what’s written and the real live person, sitting on the couch… (now the bed), and the love and time and energy the are putting into the Blog or website. It’s about the real shit they write when no one is looking. The shit they don’t think anyone will read…. Like this shit 🙂

Now I need to go think. Sorry, I got kinda into it.


Lots of love,

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