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Today’s Freebies!

March 23rd, 2016!

As of March 21st, 2016 all of the below samples/freebies are availible!
I will never put samples or freebies that require you to “jump through hoops” to get. Some samples can take anywhere from 4-10 weeks to get to you, so be patient! If you need more help on requesting freebies and samples, your in luck! Because I’ve wrote a post on that HERE



♥Arm & Hammer- Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste

•Fill out form.



♥ Zing- Zero Calorie Sweetener

•Fill out form.


♥ Number 4- Hair Care Sample

• Form of where to send it. Still available as of 3/21/16

♥ Philosophy- Take a deep breath sample 

• form asking where to send the sample. Still available as of 3/21/16




♥ FREE Optimum Nutrition- Fan Kit

• Fill out form. Still available as of 3/21/16


♥ Optimum-  Face Wash Freebie 

• Fill out form. Still available as of 3/21/16


♥ PETA- Animal Testing Stickers freebie

• Fill out form. Their website say to maximize your order, the form needs to be completed by April 10th! Still available as of 3/21/16


♥ StarPro- Gel Nail Polish remover freebie

• Fill out form. Still available as of 3/21/16


♥ Salonpas- Pain relieving patch

• Fill out form. I got mine friday and this sample is still available! WOOO HOOOO! 🙂 Still available as of 3/21/16


♥ Covergirl- COVERGIRL + OLAY Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation

• Fill out form. Still available as of 3/21/16




♥ Free Bowling- Kids bowl free HERE

• Okay, this is awesome and it me and my daughters second year doing kids bowl free. The kids bowl free and they have an option for parents to join for a small price! The program is available in all states and I bet you can find one near you! Check it out!!! Still available as of 3/21/16


♥ Tungsten- Ring sizer freebie

• Fill out your info. Still available as of 3/21/16



♥ Morton Salt- Hard Water test strips 

• Fill out form!


♥ Swimmingly- Free Sticker

• Fill out form.



♥ Chacos- Sticker Freebie

• Fill out form.


♥ Biossance- REVITALIZER face serum sample

• Take a short survey, seriously like 5 questions, then fill out a form and tell them where to send it. I have received this sample. I actually love it.


♥ Breathe Right- Extra Clear and Lavender sample 

• Form asking where to ask the sample.


Want to join my freebie group and get up-to-date freebies and samples as they happen?

Join Freebie Bird on Facebook!


If you know of any freebies or samples comment that link below, yo!


Lots of Love,

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